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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

What a terrible year

Well, I'm now in my third year of growing vegetables and, after thinking I'd cracked it, I'm now feeling pretty despondent.
I'm certainly not alone - even experienced growers I talk to have suffered record failures this year.
I have lost count of how many times I've reseeded various parts of my plot... The salad all failed completely, despite three separate attempts at improving drainage, adding compost, reseeding and offering gentle words of encouragement.
I have two, yes two, carrots growing.
I'm expecting about a dozen sugar snap peas from the four stunted plants that survived the deluge.
The apple blossom was battered off the tree before the bees had a chance to pollinate it.
And out of 12 cucumber plants, the slugs have left me just one.
I can't imagine how I would feel if there was no supermarket to fall back on... Pretty hungry, I guess.
Buoyed by the bumper harvest of my first two years, I mistakenly thought this veg growing lark was a doddle.
Now I've learned some harsh lessons, not least of all to raise some spare, replacement plants in the greenhouse in case it all goes belly up in the garden.
I am now pinning my hopes on my parsnips, which seem to be coming along, and the remaining brassicas which haven't been snapped off in the gales.
I just need to keep those pesky rabbits away.

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