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Sunday, 1 July 2012

Gardens visit: Bateman's

The National Trust property at Bateman's will soon be saying goodbye to its head gardener who is retiring this year after more than two decades tending and restoring the grounds of Rudyard Kipling's Sussex hideaway.
This year's weather has not been kind to any gardener in England but the gardens at Bateman's are still looking resplendent.
The apple orchard is faring 100% better than the battered trees in my own garden which, this year, have produced absolutely no fruit whatsoever.
The boughs at Bateman's are already heavy with young fruit, the vegetable gardens are stocked with lettuces, courgettes and soft fruit and the borders are filled with with the colour and smell of Sweet Williams, roses, lavender and honeysuckle.
As ever, I took some photos on my visit.


  1. Hi Roz, I found you via twitter. I'm very fond of Batemans and did some volunteering there. Well. For about two days - but I did meet the head gardener (whose name I can't remember) and really enjoyed myself getting behind the scenes. Actually much of the beauty of the place is probably down to my excellent weeding. (Cough). Haven’t been for about four years ago so I must re-visit. Thanks for the reminder. Dave

  2. Hi David. I'm sure you can take at least a little bit of credit for Batemans. Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you're managing to keep those pesky cows out of your garden. :)