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Sunday, 8 July 2012

Cowfold Fair and Flower Show

On Saturday the rain stopped long enough for the good folks of West Sussex to step out and enjoy Cowfold's village fair.
As a closet classic car fan, I was overjoyed to see some cared-for examples of motoring history, including a German Borgward, a Jaguar XK 150 and a pristine Mk1 Ford Escort.
Also in the line-up were a modern Lambourghini and matching white Mazerati, desperately trying to steal the show.

'Rather tempting'

But I digress... The cars aren't the reason you are here so I will tell you instead about the Cowfold Horticultural Society flower and vegetable show.
While everything else at the fair was free, the society charged 50p entry to its marquee containing this year's entries of vegetables, fruit, flowers and flower arrangements.
It was rather tempting to see those strawberries and raspberries so beautifully presented but I managed to resist swiping one.

Rain damage

Given the horrendous weather, including a downpour on the morning of the show, competitors to the flower categories did marvellously to produce any entries at all.
Some of the roses were showing slight signs of rain damage but most were pristine. I did succumb to one temptation during my visit... the plant stall.
I came away with two modest ophiopogon 'black lilyturf' to fill a hole in my little border at home.
My only other purchase of the day was a generous chunk of coffee and walnut cake from the clubhouse canteen.

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