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Monday, 16 April 2012

Sparrowhawk versus woodpecker versus magpie

I've seen a few sparrowhawk predations in my garden, especially during the winter months. They've usually been things like blue tits, but today's events took me by surprise and made me wish I could spend more time at home.
My evening phone conversation with hubby was suddenly interrupted when he saw a sparrowhawk drag a greater spotted woodpecker from our peanut feeder.
Describing it in real time as he watched events unfold, my other half described how the bird of prey was hanging on to the woodpecker, which was clinging in vain to the feeder.
The birds fell to the ground with the sparrowhawk creating a cloak with its wings over the would-be prey, but the woodpecker quickly escaped to the shelter of our last year's Christmas tree, which is planted next to the feeder.
The woodpecker was now out of sight but was squeaking and the sparrowhawk made two attempts to approach it but eventually gave up and moved to the shed roof, presumably to wait it out, away from the woodpecker's sharp beak.
But the commotion also attracted the attention of a curious magpie, which began tentatively approaching the injured bird.
Faced with further opposition, the sparrowhawk flew off, followed shortly by the disinterested magpie.
At this point my hubby hung up, expecting that he'd have to put the woodpecker out of its misery, but instead he got the fright of his life.
He called me back a few minutes later to say he'd pulled back the Christmas tree and the startled bird flew straight past him, first into the chicken wire veg patch fence and then up into the tree.
Here's hoping it recovers.

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