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Sunday, 7 August 2011

Sparrowhawk pays us a visit

I just looked out of my window to see what birds were on the feeder - expecting to see a woodpecker or a couple of great tits.
Instead, the feeder was looking rather deserted and, rather than the usual array of garden birds, I saw a sparrowhawk perched on the edge of my compost heap, surveying the area - no doubt looking for some lunch.
It's not the first time we have seen birds of prey in the garden - sparrowhawks and kestrels are regular visitors here in the winter - but this is the first time we have seen one at this time of year.
It was a browny colour, so presumably a female, and had white feathers on its wings and back.
It sat there for ages, looking about. I managed to get a couple of shots but decided to watch it through my binoculars.
What a treat...


  1. Excellent photo! Lucky You. I've seen Sparrowhawks before but they don't normally hang around long enough for me to photograph them.

  2. Cool :) It looks like a juvenile - they are regular visitors to feeders in summer, especially when they haven't worked out yet that sitting and waiting doesn't work...