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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

How not to build a Norfolk budget greenhouse

In March and April I documented the construction of my Norfolk Greenhouses New Budget Greenhouse.
Overall, I was quite pleased with my efforts. The greenhouse, for most of the summer, has been home to my tomatoes, peppers, chillis, aubergines and all the seedlings for my vegetable patch.
But now...
After weeks of variable weather - hot, dry, humid, wet, windy and, at times, chilly - the seemingly magic "transtape" gone all gooey and come unstuck. The covering on the back of my greenhouse has collapsed after THREE MONTHS.
What's that I heard at the back? What do you expect for £69?
Well, actually, what I've bought is a greenhouse frame and roof - the roof and sides of the greenhouse are just fine. It's the front and back coverings that are coming away - too much weight hanging on a bit of sticky tape.
I think the assembly instructions require some modification to prevent this happening so early on.
I've solved the immediate problem of my chillis getting a chill by using wire sandwich ties to hold the weight of the sheeting. I kinda wish I'd done that from the start.
So, if you've bought one of these things and you haven't built it yet or if it's still intact, I advise you to put some kind of batons or ties to the front and back of the covering to reduce the weight that is pulling on the tape at the roof apex.
Alternatively, just opt for the conversion kit at the beginning when it works out cheaper.

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