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Saturday, 30 July 2011

Garden visit: Sussex Prairies

I have just returned from a private view at a garden I didn't even know existed until a couple of weeks ago.
Sussex Prairies at Morland Farm, near Henfield, is a well kept secret - partly because it was only planted in 2008.
One of the nicest things, if you're thinking of going, is that you can enjoy a drink on the cafe terrace overlooking the entire garden - something a lot of visitor gardens are unable to offer.
Here are a few photos I took of my visit.

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  1. We visited Sussex Prairies about this time last year and were very impressed. It was lovely to be able to meander around the paths growing through the plantings. It revived my interest in flowering borders as this one is peaking in August whilst so many gardens are beginning to look a bit faded.