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Thursday, 7 October 2010

Tidying up the vegetable patch

With all the rain and cold weather recently, I have been viewing my vegetable patch mainly from the comfort of my living room.
Peering through the window, I could see that the weeds were thriving and the lettuces were starting to turn brown.
Thanks to a change in the weather today, I managed to blitz the plot, pulling out all the weeds and tired looking plants. I thinned out the remaining lettuces, harvesting two - one for me and one for my neighbour, and pulled out some of the spinach that had turned yellow.
I am still picking beans off the dwarf French bean plants, although the smaller fruits are starting to wither. I guess, after all their success, they are finally to come to the end of their season.
While I was tidying up, I also scoured the plants for slugs and snails, and whenever I found one, I had fun seeing how far I could fling it across the garden.
Most ended up beyond the shed.
I also pulled my first beetroot from the ground today, making room for the others to grow. The next task is to find out the best way to use or preserve them.
There are still lots of ladybirds in the garden - I assume it's a result of the warm weather because they seem to be settling on the sunny side of the house.

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